Gut Healing Preparation


**Prior to healing the gut, conduct monthly saliva food sensitivity tests (PM for virtual referral) & make appropriate food substitutions. Continue for 3-4 months, until intolerances are well understood. Experiment with a wide variety of foods during this experimental time to get the most accurate picture. During this phase, begin Rife treatment. One LLND I saw & refer to (US $100/hour, monthly phone call) does saliva/food & rife channels + calls monthly with food intolerances & substitutions + walks you through programming Rife channels customized for the pathogens showing up in your saliva & in energetic testing! Many with Lyme find healing with Spooky2, an affordable Rife ($300) that hooks up via your computer!

More information available via the Spooky2 for Lyme Facebook group, here:

Gut deterioration is often the result of allopathic antibiotic therapy and/or vaccine damage as well as from contaminated (ie non-organic) food, drink, & air. These heavy metals break down the gut lining and blood-brain barrier over time, leading to leaky gut, food allergies/sensitivities, candida, & chronic fatigue.

Candida appears to protect the Central Nervous System from Heavy Metals~ please do NOT do a candida diet/cleanse until stabilizing body & chelating metals! Message us with questions.

When we can’t stomach what is happening to us out bodies break down. The saying “I can’t stomach this’ is more than a saying~ it is a clue to our deepest healing! We must detox our life of what we can’t stomach (too little support, nobody seeing & hearing us, the endless cycle of doctors and few answers). Take your health back now! xo <3