High Vibe Lyme Healing

Mela has had a great deal of success helping reverse & heal even late stage Lyme Disease using holistic protocols based on top Lyme ‘Rock Docs’ including Klinghardt, Buhner, Cowden, and Hill (MD for DoTerra Essential Oils) as well as Well Scent medical grade 100% pure organic and wildcrafted oils & blends by fellow Aromatherapist & Lyme-warrior Stacy Shuman. <3

Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars flying around the world consulting with top lyme specialists from around the globe, getting certified, and attending conferences has left me with keen insight on missing links and root causes in common Lyme Disease patterns. Having experienced the conflicting information on Lyme, poor test reliability, and sheer overwhelm of both Lyme patients AND doctors, I started my coaching practice, Certifications in Medical Ayurveda, Reiki Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, and Lomilomi massage provide ‘license to touch’ to more deeply embed healing therapies into sessions.

Suffering with a Lyme diagnosis or symptoms you suspect are Lyme Disease? Book an intuitive healing session with Mela to uncover the root cause or missing link to your health issues today!

Experiencing the following symptoms? Hormone disruption, neuro problems, blood pressure issues, fibromyalgia, vision changes, mood swings, unrelenting fatigue, dark thoughts, or abnormal labs?

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Essential Oils/herbs distilled from plants have greatest potency~ start  healing today!  xo