Perils of Lab Testing in Lyme

Lyme Disease testing in humans in notoriously erroneous & thus is perilous to diagnose. The main reason for this is because testing through Elisa, Western Blot, even iGENEx, requires that the pathogens show up in significant amounts via blood. However, in Lyme Disease, the pathogens hide in connective tissues & biofilms, so must be ‘provoked’ to show in the blood. After testing ‘inconclusive’ via Western Blot & iGENEx both, I began herbal treatment of Lyme, got stem cells for my own fat, & got into a Klinghardt trial for a new form of testing. Over the course of two years, I treated Lyme based on my LLND’s recommendations, and two years plus three Lyme tests into treatment, I at long last tested positive for Lyme Disease.

Dr. Klinghardt’s new (bodywork) provoked-urine test was the one test that finally showed positive!

If you or a loved one has recently been bitten by a tick, spider, or other insect~ or have been vaccinated &/or have (epi)genetic issues preventing you from detoxing~ please review the symptoms of Lyme Disease below and join our facebook group: High Vibe Lyme Tribe  & follow us on Instagram for free information on Lyme Disease, testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

Symptoms of early Lyme disease may present as a flu-like illness (chills, fever, sweats, fatigue, muscle achesnausea, and joint pain). Some have a rash or Bell’s palsy (facial drooping), osteoarthritis, moods &/or hormone imbalance, as well as scoliosis, imbalanced lab markers, & autistic-like symptoms.

If you or a loved one suspects early or chronic Lyme, please book a session today! <3

  • Remove energetic blocks to your healing + wellness,
  • Stabilize your health & begin reversing early or chronic illness,
  • Release outmoded thoughts & behaviors that have kept you sick,
  • Receive a custom protocol to begin treating Lyme~ even before diagnosis! (In fact, treating with herbal anti-biotics prior to provoked testing is the most accurate way!)

The perils of Lyme testing, diagnosis, and treatment are many. The internet is a wealth of disinformation & conflicting opinions, even top docs disagree, hire a Lyme coach today!