Detox to Boost Immunity

As soon as diagnosed with Lyme or suspecting Lyme, test genetics via then have your results analyzed via by uploading your raw data. Consult with a gene specialist to correct methylation, then energetically test for custom detox support. While you are awaiting test results, start detox with a footbath & sauna protocol asap. <3

Custom energetics testing & detox support protocols are available from Mela Love by appointment via health coaching packages available under ‘Packages’ tab at top of page.

Patients get sick in certain environments and in certain life phases against’a certain genetic, biochemical and emotional ¬†background. Conclusion: Change who you are and how and where you live! ~Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, LLMD

What are the most needed steps to take to detox your health, habits, and home?

  • 1) Add joy & reduce stress
  • 2) Get into nature & sunshine for increased energy, blue blockers/low emf at night
  • 3) Drink filtered water only ¬†& add vitamin c filter to shower & tabs to bath
  • 4) Eat only organic, whole foods & homegrown fruits and vegetables
  • 5) Get moving~ the belly’s “fire” needs adequate exercise & nutrition
  • 6) Rely on energetic testing rather than lab tests & blood draws +¬†& start herbs
  • 7) Feel your feelings & use EFT/tapping to move through stuck places
  • 8) Get genetics testing via & upload raw data to Genetic Genie
  • 9) Treat and eliminate deficiencies & imbalances in nutrition, hormones, lipids
  • 10) Desensitize food allergies via LDI, energy healing, and/or food rotation (test)
  • 11) Clear parasites & viruses with Rife (Spooky 2 $300, GB4000 w/Mopa $4k)
  • 12) Clear ECM & boost detox & immunity via accupuncture & blood cupping
  • 13) Add chiropractic to correct alignment disorders & consider cranial osteopathy
  • 14) Add essential oils for Lyme Protocol.
  • 15) Detox protocol & binders regularly & add remineralization
  • Heal and find wholeness…Book your session or package with Mela today! <3

Detox can be assisted by Alka Seltzer Gold or daily baths with H30 (1-2 cups) or baking soda (up to 8 cups!) and magnesium flakes, seaweed, and/or essential oils (as tolerated).