Gentle Detox Drink

One of the quickest, gentlest, & easiest ways to detox the liver and boost the immune system is by drinking filtered lemon water daily.

For gentle liver cleansing, combine the strained juice of 2 organic lemons or lemon essential oil & 3 drops of high-vibe essential oil of peppermint in a half pint caning jar. (high vibration EO = therapeutic medical grade organic or wild-crafted. ┬áDrink 1 tbs daily. Drink am & pm + pre/post sauna. If you do coffee enemas, this is a great way to ‘nousish’ 15 minutes prior to a CE. (If you don’t do coffee enemas, this is a GREAT time to start!) .

Lemon oil blends well with other oils such as cinnamon/ orange OR lime/ grapefruit.

  • Add 1-2 drops each essential oil to 32 oz filtered water.
  • Start low and slow & build up to avoid Herxheimer reaction.
  • Use caution when taking citrus oils prior to sun exposure (photosensitivity)






Avoid sun for 12 hours post transdermal. Keep essential oils out of reach of children.

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For those with sensitive systems or gastro-intestinal sensitivity, take essential oils in a vegetable capsule. For compromised liver, please take transdermally.