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Benefits of Reiki Healing

Group & 1:1 Distance Usui Reiki  ~ For People & Pets with chronic illness

Reiki has healed for 1000s of years now and means Universal Life Energy. It is a non denominational form of energy medicine that aims to address the flow of energy in the body, removing blocks in a similar way to acupressure or acupuncture. Reiki improves Qi/Chi the flow of energy around the body enabling relaxation & healing while reducing pain and symptoms of illness. Stuck Qi is a root cause of illness and poor energy. Assist your healing & detox with a weekly ‘healing blast’ of reiki energy!

Reiki can be used in Lyme to address the following:

How Reiki Can Help with Lyme Disease
Reiki is a Japanese therapy that can help with Lyme disease. Benefits of Reiki therapy for people and pets with Lyme disease include:

Better sleep
Fatigue is a hallmark symptoms of chronic Lyme disease. Some studies have indicated that Reiki can improve the quality of sleep. Sleeping better may reduce fatigue among people suffering from chronic Lyme disease.

Lower stress.
Fatigue is exacerbated by stress. Reiki can help to lower stress levels, which in turn may help improve fatigue among chronic Lyme disease sufferers.

Reduced pain.
Many with chronic Lyme disease experience ongoing pain, both in the joints and other parts of the body. Research now shows that Reiki reduces patients’ perception of pain sensations. So people with chronic Lyme disease may be more comfortable when participating in Reiki sessions.

Improved mood.
Those with chronic Lyme disease may become depressed because of their ongoing symptoms. Reiki can help to alleviate depression and improve the mood & empower, and improving the individual’s overall quality of life.

For best results, individuals with chronic Lyme disease should schedule regular Reiki sessions to combat the symptoms of their ongoing illness.

Includes Violet Flame Reiki for Transmutation of Lower Energy

+ Chakra Energy Healing for Realignment 

60 minutes: $60

30 minutes: $30

(30 minute session generally recommended for children &/or pets. Child or Animal Reiki available upon request. Or may be treated within your session.)

Distance Group Reiki Session Monthly Package $111 ~ 30min reiki/wk; need not be present; drink water, dress comfy, then rest to receive the healing. If unavailable at time of transmission, healing energy is held for you in store until you set the intention to receive healing (later when falling asleep etc.) This monthly subscription makes an excellent self-care package or present! <3

FREE intro reiki occasionally: Medical Mystic Mela Love Facebook Page.

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Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki promotes: mindfulness, balance, gratitude, kindness, & well being! <3