Medical Intuition

In medical intuitive sessions, Mela & the client start by grounding in and focusing on your query, concern, or photograph. These sessions are conducted by message/phone. As a leading authority on health & wellness, utilizing a holistic approach based on protocols by top Lyme doctors Klinghardt, Buhner, Cowden, & Hill (Doterra MD), as well as oils from Well Scent by Stacy Shuman, a Lyme warrior herself.<3

Mela Love’s sessions are described as highly accurate from a clear channel. Sessions run one hour & include written protocol. Wellness issues & health topics are illuminated in sessions, providing Mela with insight via four inner pathways of sacred insight: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

Intuitive sessions can be followed by coaching packages, private or group, to help determine appropriate next steps and protocols for healing, trauma release, energy work, spiritual alignment, and release of blockages in the energy system. As trauma happens in community it likewise heals in community, so clients may choose to share Mela’s readings with loved ones & bring them to her for reading as well. In this way, Mela helps move groups forward into collective healing. Using these approaches, Mela has helped thousands find inner wholeness through her readings, coaching, & workshops in the US, Hawaii, & web.

Mela’s compassionate approach values healing on all levels, drawing upon ancient wisdom from Five Levels of Healing, as well as spiritual & shamanic traditions. Mela has been a practicing shaman and herbal medicine woman-healer for years, studying with a myriad of global healer lineages~ including her native Cherokee, Lakota, Hawaiian Huna, Alaskan Inuit, I Am, & Condor-Eagle Peruvian. Mela Love is a certified Health Coach & Aromatherapist specializing in naturopathy, medical Ayurveda, & Essential Oils for Lyme.