Footbath to Open Detox Channels

There are two footbaths designed specifically for this purpose & proven successful. The two models to consider are the spendy AMD Ion Cleanse Footbath ($4000) or the more thrifty by comparison but Klinghardt designed KI Science Detox Foot Bath. Either of these models has been shown to work in multiple studies, in my practice, & experience.

The proper footbath protocol is to take a 30 minute footbath twice per week with a day off in between to allow body to rest. Research shows most toxins are released not in the footbath water, but exceted in the urine three days post footbath. Cilantro increases this.

Do not take Cilantro if you still have amalgam filling or had them removed less than three-six months ago. Lower body burden prior to taking cilantro.


KI Science Detox Footbath