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Newly diagnosed with Lyme Disease & seeking a clear path forward?

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•Feeling overextended & want to take charge of your health naturally at home?

•Wanting to safely release the burden of trauma underlying illness?

•Need help deciding on next steps in treatment or ongoing coaching & support?

Take your health back now with our premium health coaching & healing options!

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Health is not a medical intervention, but a life-long journey that transforms a destiny. In our Lyme Counseling & Health Coaching sessions, you will be empowered to create exceptional health by making energetic, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle changes.


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Health coaching & naturopathic and medical intuitive consultations, and remote healings/readings are available by phone. Consultations are $60 – $90. 90 minutes for counseling and 60 minutes for health reading. Follow ups are $30 for 30 minutes.


Lyme-Literate Counselor & Naturopathic Health Coach


Certified in Medical Ayurveda | Reiki | Energy Medicine | Aromatherapy

EFT & Trauma Release | Transpersonal Counseling | Medical Intuition

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Lyme Healer Association ~ Founding Member


Student & Teacher of A Course In Miracles for 6+ years

Individual sessions to assess/remove blocks & to assist high-vibe healing! <3


30 Minutes $30 | 60 Minutes $60 | 90 Minutes $90

In your private (one-on-one) telephone consultation, we address a diagnosis or health topic of concern and explore mind body spirit wellness strategies for your recovery path. Services include: Medical Intuitive, Transformational Health Coaching for Lyme, Trauma Release, Energy Healing, Metaphysical Analysis, Soul Realignment, Akashic Readings. Approaches:  Vibrational Medicine, Medical Essential Oils, Naturopathy, TCM, Medical Ayurveda, Photon Therapy, Herbals, Nutritional Balancing, Detox.

Protocol notes for healing and vitality on your Lyme path will be sent electronically post session via email. Designed for quick inner transformation and focused healing with clear guidance.

Lyme Literate Counseling & Naturopathic Health Coaching is for you if …

You want your healing and your energy work be one and the same

You want skills you can take with you wherever you go

You want to learn the path from an ethical advisor

You want a path filled with miracles and heart!

So don’t miss out… I’m in if you are! 🙂

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In Health,

Mela Love

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“Trauma Therapist: My Chronic Fear Pattern is Gone in 1 Session!”

“I have been a trauma therapist for 23 years, and energy healer experienced in and holding certifications in many healing modalities. I received a session with Mela after I had been unable to clear a chronic childhood and past life pattern, even using on myself EFT, EMDR, Biofeedback, energy healings, massage yet this pattern persisted.

When I had the session with Mela, I thought “Whoa~ what the heck was that?” … This session was unlike anything I had experienced prior, and this chronic fear pattern is simply GONE! I feel detached and grounded, and almost cannot access the former fear pattern! This was a life changing session!” ~Amanda S., Counselor, Seattle, WA

“Totally Blown Away By the Effect These Healings Had on Me!”

“From my sessions with to Mela I was totally blown away by the quality of her insight, the clear guidance, & the effect Mela’s healings had on me~ are all a dream come true!  I now refer several clients to her for healings, and not only that, but I think I need to go see Mela for another session too- she is gifted in her ability to help clients change & heal.

She is truly a gifted master, and not only do I think I could benefit from a session with her, I also think I could learn a lot from her techniques. Anyone seeking to heal could!”
~Alia A., Nutritionist, NYC Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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